Secure Shopping

At, it is safe to use your credit card to make payment for your order. uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that information is transmitted from your browser to our servers safely over the Internet on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) link. In fact, we have a secure digital certificate from VeriSign Inc., one of the world’s largest secure digital certificates issuing company.

All your personal information like user name, passwords, credit card number, transaction history are encrypted so that they cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

Further, at, we insist on you entering the CVV (Credit Verification Value) number on your credit card. This is a 3 digit number which follows your credit card number and is given at the back of the card. In other words, even if someone has access to your credit card number alone (this is possible since you leave behind this number every time you transact with your card anywhere, including physical stores / outlets), they cannot use it to transact at without the CVV number.