About us

About us

Founded in 1965, Richborn is a name that is synonymous with quality leather goods. Our position as a leader in the industry today is built on years of commitment to taste and value. A company philosophy of teamwork and creativity has contributed to our lasting success. Richborn today is a company built on evolution and learning. We use everything at our disposal from customer feedback to experimental designs and continue to surge forward. After 47 years of creating and selling across the world we believe that we are still to reach our true potential and will continue to strive for excellence.

Richborn "Best Known for"

Richborn puts their footprints globally across the Seven Oceans & puts an exemplary and distinguish name in the Leather Industry.A Perfect Combination of Quality & Value for Money.

Richborn Products

Richborn Products Widely known for for their purity, quality and creativity.Richborn made their products with one eyes on quality & fabrication and another eyes on Stylish & trending which fascinates customers.

Value "Artisans"

All Artisans,craftsmanships are versed experienced,expertise & have perfect hands that makes no thread lose and delivers the designs which speaks uniqueness.Richborn are all rich in terms of creativity & innovative.

Our Products

Highest Quality Since 1965


Made with passion by 100+ experienced work force manpower.

100% Pure & Vegan Leather

Most Highest,Authentic Quality of Leathers provided with series testing procedures.

Curated Products

Manufactured under the vision & leaderships of our great mentors & their aged industry experiences.

Modern Technology

With fast progressive technological world,using new technologies & machinery for manufacturing.

Trending Designs

Designs products with latest styles,color textures and brings always young look to your fashion.

Eco friendly

Avoid any kinds of chemicals & toxic elements in manufacturing and giving you assurance for healthy safety products usage gurantee.

Our Team

We Are The Best Team